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​Elevated Baskets & Trucks

​Part Number: 40-130 & 40-130C

Dandux Elevated Fabric Baskets can increase your production by helping eliminate the need for operators to uncomfortably bend, stoop, reach and lift.  Ideal for sewing, embroidering and sorting operations; anywhere your product needs to be handled.  Position this basket next to your machine operators to elevate and keep their piecework off the floor and within easy reach. 101.jpgMultiple sizes are available to fit your product and your operation.

 Want to move product between operation?  The Dandux Elevated Fabric Truck is your answer!  All the advantages of the elevated basket but with added maneuverability of easy-rolling all-swivel 3" casters.  Idea for cutting rooms, apparel manufacturing, laundries, mail rooms, small goods warehousing, and order picking operations. Sizes allow access to narrow aisles and keep your product elevated, within easy reach. 

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​Needing a more rigid product with even more duability?  Elevated trucks are available with poly bodies.  View product details here.