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Dandux Food Grade Belting

We make your job easire by having a large inventory of standard belts for food handling.  All meet appropriate FDA and USDA requirements.  They are cleaned easily with warm water and detergent, and are resistant to many oils and chemicals.  Ideal for conveying meat, poultry, seafood, fruits, vegetables, bakery products, snack foods, tobacco, and cereals.

SPECIALTY FABRICATIONS including a wide range of carefully cleated and vulcanized belts will satisfy your special needs. 



Nitrile:  The superior quality of hot vulcanized cleats, flanges, and V-Guides is recommended and used wherever practical.  In those cases, we bond with adhesive or recommend mechanically fastened accessories.

PVC: We utilize a hot-melt bonding system to permanently attach PVC cleats, flanges, and V-Guides wherever practical, otherwise, we use an adhesive bond or a combination of adhesive and hot met.

Supply all information possible with your order/inquiry, including product carried, temperature/chemical requirements and pully diameters.

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