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Duralon Heavy Rubber Covered Belting


Dandux Duralon heavy rubber belting is the right product for your toughest application in the harshest enviorments.  These heavy performance belts are made to carry rock, gravel, coal, coke, wood chips, grain, sludge, phosphates and many other caustic or abrasive products.

Duralon Belts are suitable for quarry operations, light manufacturing, waste treatment, recycling and reclamation facilities.

Duralon Belts covers are availabel to suit your application in custom thicknesses and materials for high abrasion, hot stock, and moderate oil resistance.

Duralon Belts are built to last 
  -  High strength polyester carcass gives high tensile and tear resistance.
  -  Non-wicking carcass resists rot and mildew
  -  Thick high abrasion skins skins between plies provide high impact resistance

Duralon Belts are built the way you want  
A variety of ckeats, flanges, and v-guides are readily available for your custom requirments.  Standard buckets or custom hole patterns can be punched or complete elevator belts can be built to your specification.  Belts can be supplied as raw cut lengths or cut an squared to exact lenght or prepped and laced per your requirments.  Call / fax / email for a quote.

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