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C.R.Daniels Inc
 Industrial US Manufacturing

- Loadumper 

- Barn CarT

- 4 Poster

- Footbath

- corner Feeder

- DockBox

-  Rain Barrel

  At Dandux, we believe in bringing you products built to last in all environments.

Barn Cart

Dandux Outdoors

Outdoor Product List

Rain Barrels

4 Poster Deer Treatment

Corner Feeder

Units are available in a variety of sizes ensuring you have the right tool for the job without taking up valuable space in your shed, barn, or garage. Optional accessories, including trailer hitches, allow you to pair our products with equipment you already have for an even more efficient operation. 

​​From efficient commercial farms and nursaries to the best looking yard in the neighborhood, our Dandux ​Outdoors line combines design, functionality, and durability to perform time after time in even your toughest jobs! Found in a variety settings-  farms nursaries, and parks to neighborhoods and homes, these products ​are sure to make your time outdoors even more enjoyable. ​​