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​​Platform Lifts

Part Number:  40-890 (Plywood), 40-897 (Glosstex)

​Improve your efficiency...give your production a LIFT with Dandux!

​Dandux Platform Lifts are the efficient means to keep material in a fabric basket or truck moving toward the top as the product is removed.  They're ergonomically sound and help eliminate the need for operators to bend over and lean into baskets or truck when unloading materials. Dandux offers two basic lift constructions:

  • Plywood Platform-  Exterior grade/overlayed plywood ideal when loads are heavy, uneven, or oddly shaped.  Overlay assures a smoth and splinter-free top surface.
  • Glosstex Platform- High tensile spring steel, electrowelded and covered with easy clean glosstex fabric.

As an option on new units or as an addition to units already in service, these quality Dandux Platform Lifts can be installed or retrofitted simply and easily.  Attach the supplied s-hooks over the top rim of the truck and the platform lift is ready for use.

Dandux Platform Lifts are available in sizes to fit all popular fabric baskets and trucks from 6 through 24 bushel; units come standard with four fabric covered rust-resistant steel springs.  Additional springs or shock cord assemblies are available for heavy load or specility applications.  Lifts are also available to fit the diverse line of Dandux poly trucks, or we can fabricate a lift to fit your spefic needs and dimensions.  

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