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Your All-Inclusive Optical Scan Storage Solution

Collage AutoKart.jpgQuality, Convenience & Ease of Use — With AutoKart It's All Here!

The patented* AutoKart from Casto & Harris is a compact solution for jurisdictions using precinct scanners and the AutoMark®. By using the AutoKart, all voting equipment is combined into one mobile precinct. 

The AutoKart has the ability to hold multiple pieces of voting equipment. One end of the AutoKart contains the optical scanner; the other end houses the AutoMark®. The AutoMark® rests securely on a pull-out shelf, allowing full wheelchair access. Because the optical scanner and AutoMark® are located at opposite ends, each may be used privately and independently. 

Throughout all phases of the election process, the ballot box, scanner and AutoMark® can remain in the AutoKart. The AutoKart also provides additional space for six suitcase-style voting booths and a container for precinct supplies and forms.

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A nylon cover provides storage and transport protection for the AutoKart and can be locked for additional security. The cover also contains a clear pocket for precinct identification or other necessary information.Accessibility Makes Maintenance Easier

Accessibility Makes Maintenance Easy 
All functions of the devices are fully accessible, including computer media, electrical cords and removal of ballots.

The AutoKart is easily adaptable to a variety of voting systems, including DRE systems.

​Unmatched Effeciency 
We understand the importance of effeciency as you prepare and implement election proceedings.  That's why the ReadyVote AutoKart is designed to save you time and money and effort by reducing the times you need to lift equipment.  View ​our side by side comparison of the AutoKart versus traditional deployment and storage.