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​​Voting Booth

​Forget everything you know about voting booth set-up:  the time, the cost, and the frustration! ReadyVote is proud to introduce the fully patented ReadyVote Voting Booth- the ultimate in durability, convenience, privacy, and affordability.

Made in America, this revolutionary booth is the easiest to set up because no set-up is required! Thanks to innovations such as its built-in wheels, smooth flowing shape and nesting design, the ReadyVote requires no lifting or carrying, saving you time and energy.  The innovative nesting feature of ReadyVote, offers a compact and space-saving solytion that is without equal in the industry, storing in less than one square foot of space. 

Voting booths are available in two standard models: all-metal and our new light-weight plastic-sided booth with metal frame.  While some sites enjoy the added durability ​of an all-metal booth; our plastic-sided booth gives you the strength of a metal frame but saves a full 20 lbs. with plastic co​rrugated sides. ​​

With its large, sturdy surface, the ReadyVote is built​​ to last.  Its steel construction and design elements eliminate the need for routine maintenance or parts replacement.  When you consider the unlimited benefits to the ReadyVote Voting Booth, and the fact that it is HAVA approved with ADA compliant options, ou've never had an easier purachasing decision to make with it comes to voting boots. 

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​​Multi-configuration Design configuration.png

​We understand that ​no two voting facilities are the same.  We designed our ReadyVote Voting Booths with this in mind, making it easy for poll staff to deploy easily and configure a set up that best meets the needs of the voters in the space allowed; and the locking casters ensure equipment stays where you need it to.    


Standard Booths come with a variety of options so you can customize your voting booths to meet your needs.   Optional designs and accessories abailable for ReadyVote Voting Booths are: