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​Side-Access Cart

library cart 1.png

The Dandux Side-Access Cart was designed to collect books on location from various drop points and allow library personnel to sit while extracting and sorting books from the collection cart. Our Frame Truck is modified on one long side and one short end, each with a wide cutout. The laced-on Glosstex™ liner was then modified with two “doors” at each cutout. Each “door” has heavy-duty plastic buckles sewn to each corner of the door and adjacent corner of the cutout at the frame. In addition, the cart is outfitted with a plywood Platform Lift (Glosstex™ available).

library cart 2.png

​The cutouts and doors on the frame, coupled with the platform lift make extraction and sorting extremely ergonomic and accessible. Platform lifts are crimped to the frame of the cart with the platform rested at the bottom to enable the carts to be nested for ease of shipping. Once the cart is received, just hook the platform up to the springs and it’s ready for action!library cart 3.png

Comes in 8 different model sizes and 7 different Glosstex™ color options (Yellow, Blue, Gray Green White, Red, and Black) as well as our heavy-duty canvas.​