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​​​Sorting Systems

Part Number:  40-8431, 40-8431C

​Dandux Net and Bag Sorting Systems are the optimum method of sorting the various items and products you carry.  Frequently​ used for packages, mail, returned merchandise, soiled laundry, and linens, but the possibilities are endless.  The "under-counter" model has application for retail, over-night packaging industry, and dry cleaning operations.

The frame, which suppoers an optional fabric bag, is constructed of high-tensile spring steel and electro-welded at all critical points, and mounted to hardwood runners.  They are available as stationary units or transportable with casters.  The optional white fabric bag has a reinforced hem, which fits over the spring steel frame.  Tension from the grame keeps the bag in the open position.

The systems come standard as a single bay unit, but have the option of being customized to any number of bays for the jobs you need.