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​​​Transport Trucks

Part Number- 41-3820

​​​​​Dandux Transport Trucks are the most cost-effective Transport Trucks available.  They're ideal for starting a new material handling system, expanding an existing facility, replaing old worn out hand trucks, or simpky increasing your productivity.  These trucks are used for everything from transporting soiled linesns in laundries and hospitals, and moving library books, to bulk remval of bagged waste materials.  The prime reason of its wide acceptance:  It provides more capacity per unit of floor space as well as greated payload per trip.  Dandux Transport Trucks are available in a range of standard colors to match the decor or for color coding, with standard color as grey.  Optional colors available blue, green, yellow, red, natural, and black.  Custom colors are available; minimum quantities may apply.

Custom Modify your Transport Truck with the following options:001.jpg

  • Tow Hitches to form a train
  • Roll up Fabric Cover
  • Special Casters
  • Stenciling 
  • Fork pockets for liftability